Repair of forklifts

The loader is an assistant in the transportation of goods to perform jobs in warehouses, construction sites, or agriculture. Keeping machines in good condition is a guarantee of continuous operation. But it is impossible to exclude the cases when the equipment fails. The GourmetBack company professionally performs all types of repair of loaders and automated lift trucks, and also conducts routine inspections to maintain the equipment in good condition and at affordable prices. The company employs the team with extensive experience, its specialists use an individual approach for each client. The enterprise serves Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Types and principle of operation of loaders

A batch loader alternately performs all operations with the load. The working cycle consists of: loading the working body, transporting the load, and unloading the working body. The loaders include:

● fork – the work is performed by an automated forklift loader using a side shift device – a fork;

● bucket – the bucket performs loading, unloading of bulk materials  in such a machine;

● platform – transports the cargo and lowers it onto prepared platforms;

● manipulator – a working tool – a crane boom that moves loads during repair and restoration or installation and dismantling works;

Continuous loader – inclined belt conveyor with two screw feeders located in parallel. It can be:

● scraper – the self-propelled equipment with a gripper;

● auger – a device for continuous pick-up of cargo using a rotating shaft;

● rotary – loading and unloading operations are carried out using the rotor wheel.

When to contact a workshop

It is worth paying attention if the following problems arise during the operation of the loader:

● consumption of fuel, lubricants, engine fluids increases;

● power decreases and the loader cannot cope with the work;

● the noise level increases under standard loads, as well as it is difficult to start the forklift;

● overheating of the device is observed, in which case the increased temperature destroys the lubricating fluids and deforms the internal parts of the engine.

Repair of forklift trucks in Ukraine

GourmetBack has modern equipment for full diagnostics of the technical condition of the forklift. The company has stationary (at the service site) and portable (field crews) production facilities. Maintenance includes: diagnostics of the hydraulic system and cargo chains, oil and gas reducer filter change, power system adjustment, compressed air purging and other types of work.

Routine repair of forklifts to restore their working capacity involves incomplete disassembly of the machine, with the replacement and restoration of faulty parts and mechanisms, as well as running in and adjustment of tires and disks, rollers and wheels on the warehouse equipment.

The overhaul repair of forklifts: replacement of worn parts, grinding of the crankshaft, replacement of diesel injectors, removal and installation of the motor. It is performed by individual and aggregate methods. With an individual method, the device is divided into parts and assemblies, repaired and installed on the loader frame. With aggregate method, the repaired or new warehouse units are placed on the loader. The advantage of the aggregate method is a quick repair of the machine, which reduces the downtime and cost of repairs, and increases the quality of repairs.

The reasonable price for the rendered services in the shortest possible time and high quality of the services are the main credo of the GourmetBack company.